Disentanglers and disentangling aids

Tool for dematting.

For what you need disentangler, dematters and knot cutter?

It depends on the type of entanglement.

The most important is that you bath the dog first the best would be with the shampoo for long hair and then leave on the mask, then the half the work is already done.
If the tangles are not disengage and stick to the skin, then you have to use the Mat breaker (Mat buster), continue along the skin and cut the mats.
After cutting the matting you remove these nodes a dematter.
Are large node in the coat which cannot detangled, then use first the knot cutter (Mat splitter) and divide the knots before you a Mat breaker.
At very small knot, you can waive the bathroom and use the balm spray and detangle spray, brush the balm spray and detangle spray again regularly in the fur, then have new hard tangles no chance.