Eye, ear and dental care

Ear care, eye care and dental care for ptes

Ears, teeth and eye cleaner for animals.

The ears of dogs and cats are very sensitive, therefore it is necessary to inspect the ears and clean them regularly. Dirt and excess earwax must be removed to prevent possible infections. The ear canal may be infected by various organisms, be as infested with bacteria and mould. This can result in a lot of pain, balance problems and even deafness. Therefore, regular cleaning of the ear with a good ear cleaner of your pet is recommended.

Also your dog's teeth need to be cleaned. But because a mechanical cleaning is mostly not possible, we recommend the liquid cleaning with the dental care spray, it prevents tartar and prevents the painful inflammation of the lips.

The eye cleaner helps to remove brown spots and prevents eye infections. With regular use, it can make the tear secretions clear and the brownish / red discoloration will disappear. Due to the anti-oxidant effect of this product you can used it not only in the eye area. It is also for all points that have discoloured by licking.