Dog collars

High quality chain choke collars for dog training.

Fine-meshed steel auger necklaces.

Dog chain collar recommended by dog schools for training dogs. Choke collars are even prescribed by many dog schools so that dogs can be trained.

However, there are big differences in the quality of dog chain choke collars. When buying a dog chain collar, make sure it is of good quality so that your dog does not develop allergies and the coat is not damaged.

For dog chain choke collars, we recommend auger chains which have been specially developed for dog training. The shape of the snail chain collars does not damage the coat and do not chafe the dog's neck. However, each chain link must be individually welded, otherwise hair can get stuck, break the coat and the dog can suffer pain.

A high quality dog chain collar is made of good quality steel which should be chrome plated so that the dog chain choke collar does not rust and does not give off substances to the dog which could cause allergic reactions.

But dog chain choke collars are not only a useful fashion accessory, dog chains are also used in dog sports, hunting, training and professional work such as security services.

Single row dog chain collars are often used for smaller or not so strong dogs. For stronger dogs, it is advisable to purchase a double row dog chain choke collar, as this distributes the pressure better and is more comfortable for the dog.

Under no circumstances should retractable leashes (Flexi dog leash) be used in combination with dog chain choke collars, as these are very often stopped jerkily and the necklace can contract strongly.

Onlinezoo offers you only high quality dog chain choke collars, which have been developed in years of experience especially for dogs.

Steel dog collars TRAININGS DOG COLLARS:
The GogiPet® dog collars of the Training Series are dog collars which were mainly developed for professional users. The dog chain is a product specially developed for dog training to help dog owners train their dogs.

GogiPet Snail chains for our dog collars AUGER CHAINS:
GogiPet® auger chains that we use in our dog chain collars are the most sought after and popular chains in the pet industry. Every single chain link is welded and gives the dog necklace a special elegance. At the same time the stainless chrome coating increases robustness. This ingenious combination is gentle on the coat and ensures absolute safety.

GogiPet dog products and dog grooming GOGIPET® QUALITY STANDARD:
GogiPet® products stand for highest quality with selected, durable materials which are carefully processed by hand combined with the latest technologies with quality control in Vienna. GogiPet® is committed to producing animal products in a fair, ecological and sustainable way. Because we want to do justice to you and your puppy up to older dogs and offer only the best now and in the future.

Onlinezoo dog collars at a super price

The particularly fine links of the chain collar for dogs are very gentle on the coat and do not put unnecessary strain on the coat. Chain collars are very often needed for dog training and are often prescribed in dog schools. The choke collar for dogs is an alternative to the dog collar and can be put on and taken off very quickly due to its simple system. The main advantage of a choke collar is that the chain collar fits very loosely and is hardly noticeable to the dog. However, if your dog wants to pull himself out of the chain to the back, the choke collar will pull together so that it cannot slide over the dog's head.

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