Rhinestone Name Collars - Design Your Own Dog Collars

Dog collars for rhinestone letters rhinestone numbers or rhinestones designs.

Name tag collars made by yourself with about 1.5 cm or 3 cm large rhinestone letters.

Our dog collars for rhinestone jewelry (name collars), we offer in 3 different types.

  • 1.) Narrow dog collars for small dogs without an adapter, where the motives are pushed directly.

Our small dog collars for jewellery rhinestone (name collars), with 10 mm width and 2 mm thickness are available in different lengths and in trendy
colours.The closure and the ring of the name collars are chrome-plated and nickel free. Order the fitting size and slide on the rhinestone letters and rhinestones motifs. The glittering decoration evaluates the dog collar of your dog. You want to wear a necklace as a choker with rhinestone letters and rhinestone designs by yourself? The necklace length 41 cm are suitable to excellent. The shorter neck straps with 28 cm are also often worn as a bracelet, also suitable to your pet!

  • 2.) The dog collars worn as jewellery rhinestone dog collars at the neck and when you attach the leash as rhinestone necklaces.
  • 3.) Or Topstyle dog collars which have the ring for the leash between the rhinestone jewellery attached, so that the rhinestone letters and rhinestones motifs are always visible at the top of the dog.

For large dogs we offer to small 14 mm or to the large 32 mm - rhinestone letters and rhinestone motifs matching dog collars. The rhinestone collars are in the first line a jewellery collars and leashes are not suitable for Flexi.