Rhinestone dog collars for larger dogs

Rhinestone dog collars for small and large dogs.

Names dog collars for larger dogs we offer two different types of dog collars.

  • The dog collars worn as jewellery rhinestone dog collars at the neck and when you attach the leash as rhinestone necklaces.
  • Or Topstyle dog collars which have the ring for the leash between the rhinestone jewellery attached, so that the rhinestone letters and rhinestones motifs are always visible at the top of the dog.

For very small dogs like the Chihuahua look at our dog collars for small dogs.
For large dogs we offer to small 14 mm or to the large 32 mm - rhinestone letters and rhinestone motifs matching dog collars.
The rhinestone collars are in the first line a jewellery collars and leashes are not suitable for Flexi.