Brustgeschirr mit Leine im Set

Dog Harness and Dog Soft Harness.

Chest harness for dogs made of leather or textile.

Dog harnesses in many variants, shapes and colors in every price range. We offer the right dog harness for everyone, from the nylon dog harness to the Swarovski studded noble dog harness. Especially the GogiPet® dog harnesses are very popular because they offer the best price-performance ratio and are especially impressive because of the quality.

The dog harness is popular with many dog owners and a good alternative to the dog collar.

A dog harness you get in different kinds:

  • The nylon dog harness is economical, easy to clean and very tear resistant.
  • The leather dog harness is very sturdy, durable, elegant and usually beautifully decorated.
  • The dog harness of fabric is more complicated to put on, but the fantasy has no limits and some soft harness also have a warming effect.