Dog Harnesses Swarovski Crystals

Real leather dog harnesses with Swarovski crystals.

High quality Swarovski crystals in very noble leather dog harnesses.

Sensational real leather dog harnesses with Swarovski crystals for the demanding dog. GogiPet® dog harnesses from Europe in loving workmanship equipped with genuine, certified Swarovski crystals. GogiPet® has been known for years for its excellent quality at reasonable prices for dog products and Swarovski crystals are especially characterized by their clarity and multiple cut facets. Depending on how the light falls on the dog's chest harness, the light is refracted and reflected by the Swarovski crystals, creating unique sparkle and glitter.

GogiPet® and Swarovski, two strong partners whose name stands for the highest quality and attention to detail, also offer you GogiPet Swarovski dog collars.