Dog leashes

All kinds of dog leashes.

The right dog leash for every dog.

We offer a wide range of high quality dog leashes in various colours, shapes and lengths, which perfectly match our dog collars and dog chest harnesses.

First and foremost, the dog leash should of course match your dog collar. When you buy a dog collar from us, we will usually suggest the matching dog leash at the same time.

There are many different dog leashes, we would like to make the choice easier for you and briefly summarise the advantages and disadvantages of the dog leashes.

  • Nylon dog leashes are extra cheap, easy to put on and very tear-resistant. The inexpensive dog leashes can be quickly rolled up and tucked away when they are not needed, and they are also considered extra fur-friendly and lightweight.

  • Leather dog leashes are extra robust, elegant and usually beautifully decorated. Dog leashes made of genuine leather are the classic among dog leashes because the natural material is very bite-resistant and tear-proof, but still soft and supple. Leather dog leashes will probably never go out of fashion.

  • Dog leashes made of fabric are extra easy to clean and very modern. Fabric dog leashes are usually included in a set with a fabric dog collar or chest harness and are primarily suitable for small dogs, as they are not how robust.

  • Dog leashes with roll-up cord are very suitable for walks in the woods and meadows so that the dog can let off steam and has a large area to run around in. The retractable dog leash is less suitable for walking in the city, as the retractable dog leash is rather heavy and unwieldy. The dog leash tends to get caught somewhere and can quickly become a danger. If your dog is not yet trained to walk, you should also choose a dog leash with a fixed length so that you can train your dog. Make sure that your dog doesn't just run off and the flexi leash suddenly comes to an end, as this could injure your pet.