Dog carrier bags

Dog carrier.

Dog carriers for every application.

Closed, open, soft and rigid dog carrier.

Think about when buying a dog carrier for which purpose you want to use it in the first place, because there are some differents. We offer beautiful dog carrier in various variants and shapes, you may first consider whether this should be open or closed.
An open dog carrier is smaller and clings to the body that love especially cuddly dogs which want to be close to mum and dad. On the other hand, you need a closed dog carrier if you want to use it as a dog transport bag on the plane, or if you want to be on public transport without a muzzle. In small dogs, especially dog carrier are popular which can be worn over the shoulder, because you have both hands when shopping. For your dog, this is the ideal transport option, it can always have you in the field of vision and when the dog bag is closed, your darling may even come along mostly in shops in which dogs are actually prohibited.

Especially if you are on a walk in the city for a longer time, small dogs in the dog carrier feel much better than if they are constantly afraid that they will be overlooked and hurt in the crowds. In addition, the dog carrier bag protects against too long exposure to the sun and from cold wind and road salt.