Dog bows - dog meshes

Hair bows - Mesh

Beautiful dog hair bows protect your dog from the hair hanging into the eyes. The Top Knot is also very pretty when you decorate it with hair bows.

The hair bows or hair meshes for dogs are made of durable materials and beautiful designs. Some hair bows are also decorated with crystals or other ornaments. Hair bows and hair loops for dogs ensure well-groomed hair and can be used to create numerous hairstyles. Hair bows are equally popular with professional groomers and private users.

For long-haired dogs, the hair on the head should be regularly combed into a mop of hair to avoid eye damage from hair hanging into the eyes. They also provide the dog with a better view. The mop of hair can be attached with latex rings, but a hair bow is much prettier and emphasises the dog's character.

Onlinezoo offers you a wide selection of hair bows and hair meshes for dogs so that you can find the right dog meshes for your dog. Whether it's for the holidays or for a stroll around town, we have dog hair bows for every occasion.

How to make a beautiful mop of hair for the hair bows?

You can easily design a simple mop yourself.

  1. Comb the hair from the outer corners of the eyes to the middle of the head, keeping the hair firm, and add the hair from the other side.
  2. Also add the hair above and between the eyes.
  3. If the length of the hair allows it, you can also form a loop with the hair to create a wide mop of hair.
  4. If you use a hair bow with a clip, you should fix the mop of hair with the help of a latex band.
  5. If you use a hair tie with hair elastic, it is not absolutely necessary to attach an extra latex band, you can also attach the mop directly with the hair elastic of the dog's hair tie.

This is just a small example of how you can create a mop of hair, depending on the length of the hair, there are no limits to the design.