Dog pants red corduroy

Die moderne Cord-Jeans-Hose für Hunde kann sowohl 'nackt' als auch mit einem unserer DoggyDolly Hunde-T-Shirts oder mit einem unserer DoggyDolly Hunde-Shirts getragen werden....


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Cloth size small dogs
Product number: DD-DP002-XS

Size chart for small dogs

(if not mentioned separately with the clothing)

Größentabelle für kleine Hunde Chest Back lengh
XXS nur manche Sondermodelle 26 - 28 cm 13 - 15 cm > 1 kg
XS 31 - 33 cm 17 - 21 cm 1 - 1,5 kg
S-20 32 cm 20 cm Nackenumfang 23 cm
S 36 - 38 cm 22 - 25 cm 2 kg
M-25 37 cm 25 cm Nackenumfang 26 cm
M 41 - 43 cm 26 - 30 cm 3 kg
L-30 42 cm 30 cm Nackenumfang 29 cm
L 46 - 48 cm 30 - 33 cm 4 kg
XL-35 47 cm 35 cm Nackenumfang 32 cm
XL 51 - 53 cm 33 - 36 cm 5 - 6 kg
XXL-40 52 cm 40 cm Nackenumfang 35 cm
XXL 56 -58 cm 36 - 39 cm 6 - 8 kg
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Product information "Dog pants red corduroy"

DoggyDolly Cord Dog Pants red

DoggyDolly corduroy dog trousers red.

The modern corduroy jeans trousers for dogs can be worn &bdquo,naked&ldquo, as well as with one of our DoggyDolly dog &ndash, T-shirts or with one of our DoggyDolly dog - shirts. Of course, these corduroy trousers also have sewn-on snack pockets to carry the necessary dog provisions. Due to the high wearing comfort and the easy putting on, our DoggyDolly dog trousers are very popular with our 4-legged friends as well as with the many dog mums and dog dads. The trousers can be easily adjusted in width as well as in length and are comfortable to wear from the snaky dog boy to the burly dog muscleman.

Details of the DoggyDolly dog clothing:
Corduroy trousers made of red high-quality denim fabric
adjustable press studs at the hips
adjustable braces that can also be worn crosswise
treat pockets which are very important!!!

Size chart for dog clothing

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