Dog scarf, dog shoes, dog mackintoshes

Dog raincoats, dog shoes, dog socks, dog scarves and dog bandanas.

Functional dog clothes for the rain, ice and snow.

Onlinezoo dog fashion not only offers a simple dog rain coat but a wide selection of different dog raincoats with 2 legs or 4 legs and lined and unlined.Most dogs hate the raindrops and therefore do not want to fall into the rain, with the dog rain coat it is protected from the drops and our dog raincoats are also closed at the stomach so the dirt does not splash on the tummy and makes your dog dirty.

Dog fashion with concept.
In case of snow and salt, you should also get your dog used to dog shoes that protect against salt, the scarf or a dog kerchief still protect the sensitive neck and chest area. Our anti-slip socks help to keep your dog safe even on slippery surfaces and can even be put on under the dog shoes to keep the paws warm.