Dog shoes and dog boots

Shoes for dogs.

Dog shoes and dog socks for warm paws.

Our dogs are very poor when salt is spread or even worse antifreeze. Our dogs can hardly walk and have aching paws, Onlinezoo offers high quality dog shoes to which your dog will get used quickly. Most dogs run after a few steps as if they had been born with dog shoes. Some dogs need to get used to the dog shoes a little bit longer. Put the dog shoes on before the real use in the cold and practice to wold at home in the warm flat, so the shoes become soft before the use in the old. Do not forget to pamper paws and nose with our paws and nose ointment in the winter and use the anti-slip dog socks with smooth surfaces so that your dog can stand right up more easily and not always slips.

Why use dog shoes?
Shoes for dogs protect your dog:

  • Against injuries on the paws
  • On very hot days to protect the paws against the heat of the burning hot asphalt or hot sand on the beach.
  • In winter to protect the paws from cold and salt.
  • On rainy days, you do not need to wash the legs of your dog as it passes through the mud and dirt jumps.
The GogiPet dog socks with anti-slip coating help against slippery floors.