Ecodor against body odours

Helps with body odours and in healthcare

EcoClinic body odour remover

eliminates odours naturally

EcoClinic Deodorizer.

EcoClinic eliminated healthcare odours naturally and helps against body odours and is especially used in nursing.
Disturbing odours are not overlaid by a perfume, but resolved by the use of enzymes. Enzymes used in EcoClinic as a catalyst to natural degradation of odours many times, thereby taking each enzyme has a very specific reaction proceeds. EcoClinic consists of a mixture of many different plant enzymes, whereby the procedure is effective against a broad spectrum of different odour components.



EcoFeet against perspiration odours

Ecodor EcoFeet

Against sweaty feet and to odours in the shoe cupboard.

EcoFeet is a spray for removing unpleasant sweat odours.
EcoFeet is perfect for shoes or (directly) on the feet, but can also be sprayed on clothing and body parts