Ecodor EcoClinic against body odors - 2.5 liter canister

EcoClinic 2.5 liter refill canister. The refill for hospitals, doctors and nurses. EcoClinic eliminates bad smells in a natural way. The unpleasant odours are not covered up. Buy Ecodor EcoClinic cheap at Onlinezoo

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Product number: EC-12.10.007

Product information "Ecodor EcoClinic against body odors - 2.5 liter canister"

Ecodor EcoClinic for health care.

EcoClinic is an environmentally friendly odour eliminator based on natural enzymes. This air freshener makes smells disappear, when they physically come into contact with the complex protein systems in the freshener, where they are then catalysed into non smelling, harmless and simpler molecules. EcoClinic is non perfumed so there are no traces of any chemical substances. Unlike ordinary air fresheners, EcoClinic removes the unpleasant odours instead of replacing them with perfumed air. EcoClinic is non toxic, non irritating, free of bacteria, biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

Use: physiotherapists, hospitals, elderly homes, doctor's practices, sports care, gyms, etc.

Applications: Remover unpleasant odours from fabrics, casts, sweating areas, body odours, faeces, perspiration, vomit, burns, wounds, medical material, gauzes and bandages, drainage material, sweat or sweat odour for example in clothes, stomata and accessories, etc.

Composition: Complex of natural vegetable enzymes - surface active ingredients derived from grains, Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride.

There are no harmful propellants, just the pressure from the air you pump into the bottle.

Store at room temperature. Contains no propellants. Packing recyclable.

Ecodor EcoClinc low price at Onlinezoo.

EcoClinic was actually developed for nursing care, where unpleasant body odours often arise. But it also has many applications in the field of physical activity, such as the removal of perspiration odour from textiles that do not need or cannot be washed constantly. EcoClinic can also be used directly on the skin to eliminate sweat odours when you cannot wash yourself constantly. For example if you are on the road a lot and want to refresh yourself. Simply spraying a deodorant over sweat often looks worse than not using any deodorant at all, so you should eliminate the smell of sweat beforehand. Nursing often causes unpleasant odours such as wound treatment, incontinence, diarrhoea, etc. Ecodor EcoClinic against body odours Shaft is a quick and efficient remedy for this. EcoClinic works against body odours very quickly if you cannot always wash immediately.

Ecodor Odour Removal not only offers products against body odours, but Ecodor is also THE specialist in the field of urine removal, odours in vehicles, kitchen and restaurant odours and other unpleasant odours. Ecodor has become particularly well known for its products for urine odour control, as it can completely eliminate urine odours without the use of harmful chemicals.

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