Ecodor Cat Urine Remover

Ecodor UF2000 eliminate urine even cat urine

Ecodor UF2000 urine removerEcodor Urinkiller

Urine and urine smell remover for animal and human urine. (Cats, dogs, ferrets ...)

Ecodor UF2000 urine odour remover is a powerful odour neutralizer and urine neutralizer, Witch urine effectively combats. Where urine odour is undesirable UF2000 offers an environmentally friendly and efficient solution. Ecodor UF2000 against cat urine odour masks the stench of urine not by another odour is added and mixed odour arises, but builds the haunting odour by using enzymes from. Ecodor UF2000 against urine was specially developed for hard ground (concrete, stone, brick, hardwood, hardwood floors, etc.), but can also be used on carpets, clothes, mattresses, etc

Particularly extensive and reasonably priced, is the odour remover UF 2000 5 times cibcebtrate.
To make the product ready for use, the concentrate must be diluted 1 to 5 with (tap) water to be diluted (1 litre concentrate UF 2000 with 4 litres of water). So 1 lifter of concentrate makes 5 litters of ready-UF2000 product.