Ecodor EcoHome

EcoHome odour removal in the household

EcoHome against odours in the household

EcoHome sprayer and refill

EcoHome builds the odours molecules in the air in a natural way from, making an unpleasant smell simply disappears and does not only cover by a perfume .EcoHome is excellent inter alia for removing odours from food and stale smoke and pet smell.

EcoHome not irritate and does not produce allergic reactions.

EcoHome is made from vegetable proteins, which are dissolved in water. Therefore EcoHome is safe near people, animals and food.

Application: toilet, cold smoke, garbage...

Composition: water <80%, Fermented plant extracts <10%, polyalcohols <3%, Zitronensäur <2%, CPC Cetyl pyridinium chloride <2%

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