Ecodor UF2000 Urine Remover

UF2000 urine off remover for humans and animals

Urine neutralization

Ecodor UF2000 the efficient urine neutralization, decomposed urine in water and salt and therefore eliminates urine odor and urine completely. The Ecodor UF2000 can be used against any kind of urine, human urine, cat urine, mouse urine, dog urine, and so on.

Particularly extensive and reasonably priced, the odour is UF2000 5 times concentrate.
To produce the product ready for use, the concentrate (1L concentrate UF 2000 with 4 litres of water) must be in the ratio of 1 to 5 with (tap) water to be diluted. So 1 litre of concentrate makes 5 litres of ready-UF2000 product.