Ecodor Glass and All Purpose Cleaner

Ecodor EcoGlass cleaner for smooth surfaces

Ecodor glass cleaner EcoGlass,

Cleaner for all smooth surfaces

The Ecodor glass cleaner EcoGlass leaves a streak-free shine on windows and mirrors
made of a composition of substances from plant extracts, EcoGlass leaves a streak-free and fresh glow.

How to use:
Spray EcoGlass evenly and sparingly to the surface. Let EcoGlass act briefly, and then remove the excess liquid with a lint-free cloth or paper towel to get uniform drying. EcoGlass is suitable for windows, windshield, ceramics, tiles, chrome, porcelain, televisions, monitors, and all water-resistant surfaces.

Ecodor EcoClean multi purpose cleaner,

Ecodor EcoClean 3 in 1 for a fresh & shiny clean surface! EcoClean uses an active formula to remove dirt effortlessly, without the need for scrubbing.

  1. Degreaser
  2. Cleans hygienically
  3. Deodorises