Blinx Pets Rhinestone Crystals

Blinx Pets © hair crystals for dogs - hairpiercings.

Swarovski rhinestones for the hairsBlinx Pets Crystals bring luxurious shine to the hair. The dog jewellery, or even for human hair is made of genuine Swarovski crystals and let you fix them with our unique and patented system easily and securely in the hair. Unlike to other methods, the hair piercings "Blinx Pets Crystals" are not glued, waxed or fired, but brought up in a gentle manner to individual strands of hair. That is why they are very easy to remove from the hair again and use again and again. Create your own look for your dog or just for you, when and how you want. Simple, fast, reusable!

With our unique mounting system you can also fixed the Blinx Pets Crystals Hair piercings in short hair. Blinx Pets Crystals are found in hair studios and grooming salons.

Hair Piercings for dogs or as hair accessories

Also, the professional theatre and make-up trade and bridal shops reported a lively paragraph with the hair jewellery collection from us.

How to install the hairpiercings

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