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Size-adjustable muzzle size M. Size-adjustable muzzle circumference of mouth scope 6 cm - 12 cm. The strong muzzle is adjustable in size and easy to adapt to your dog.
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Size-adjustable muzzle size M.

Size-adjustable muzzle circumference of mouth scope 6 cm - 12 cm.

The strong muzzle is adjustable in size and easy to adapt to your dog.

Gladly soft Muzzles are also used around the small 'vacuum cleaners' to grant a little stop.

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Do I even need a muzzle and why?

Even if your dog doesn't bite anyone, every dog owner should have the right muzzle for his dog at home. If you normally travel by car, it can happen that you (have to) use public transport from time to time. Here, however, the muzzle obligation applies, no matter whether it is a mini Chihuahua or a large dog. Small dogs can travel in a closed dog bag, in which case the muzzle is not required, but otherwise the muzzle is a must. When you go to the vet, you should also think about whether the dog muzzle would not be appropriate, because in stressful situations many dogs behave differently than usual. Also during the treatment itself, it is better to have the muzzle with you, because do you really know that your pet will not snap if it suddenly hurts? If you get your dog used to a muzzle early on, you will not have any extra pressure in situations where you need a muzzle. The size adjustable muzzles are therefore perfect when your dog is still growing, so that you have the right muzzle for every phase of life. The soft muzzle is very light and also your darling will quickly get used to the soft bite block.

How do I know if the muzzle is sitting correctly?

The muzzle should fit so loosely that the dog can pant and possibly drink unhindered, so that overheating does not occur. The size adjustable muzzle can be pulled tighter for a short time, e.g. when the dog is at the vet, to be on the safe side. Afterwards the muzzle can be easily loosened again.

Is a rigid muzzle compulsory?

No, when it says muzzle duty, it means bite protection duty, whether the muzzle is soft or rigid is irrelevant.

How do I find the right size for the muzzle?

Actually it is quite simple, you only need a measuring tape. Measure the bridge of your nose from the tip of your nose to the line of your eyes and write these measurements down. Then measure the circumference of the mouth approx. 2 c. in front of the eyes (i.e. at the widest point) and write down the measurements. Now it is easy to find the right muzzle.

My dog doesn't like muzzle what?

You have to get the dog used to the muzzle as well as to the collar and the dog leash. Let your dog wear the muzzle only for a short time and increase the times step by step. But it is important that only you decide when the muzzle is put on and taken off. Do not let your dog pull the muzzle with his paws. Distract your dog with dog toys and reward your dog with a snack in between so that he learns that the muzzle is a good thing and nothing unpleasant.

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