Aesculap Snap on combs 12 mm

Aesculap snap on combs 12 mm. Plastic snap on combs are just made for the finising and for the dog show if you still see the last unregulary hair. Never use them for a completely clip. At Onlinezoo instead manufacturer's recommended retail price of 9.95 only

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Aesculap Nylon snap on combs 12 mm.

Aesculap synthetic material combs 12 mm.

Snap on combs are made for the finishing, like on the show when you still see some hairs keep away. For a total clip of a dog or cat please use the real blade with 12 mm made of metal.

Aesculap number GH568.
Snap on combs suitable for cutter heads with cutting height to 12mm

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