GogiPet Silk Care - Professional coat care with incorruptible scent
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GogiPet® Silk Care for good and healthy coat care 100 ml. GogiPet Silk Care is recommended by leading dog groomers for care in the dog salon and at home. Buy GogiPet Silk Care at Onlinezoo now extra cheap

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GogiPet Silk Care.

GogiPet® Silk Care for the coat care of dogs and cats.

GogiPet® Silk Care is used by leading dog groomers and is also becoming increasingly important in pet care.

GogiPet Silk Care the optimal coat care with an incorruptible fragrance

Charming scent

The incredible, magical scent enchants every dog lover:


The seductive scent alone tempts even the care grouch to use it regularly.
Apart from all the first-class properties that GogiPet® Silk Care brings with it, the only thing that makes many dog lovers buy it is the enchanting scent alone.
Insects, on the other hand, do not like the smell of GogiPet® Silk Care and keep them away.




GogiPet Silk Care for dog groomers


GogiPet® Silk Care for the perfect care in the dog salon and for the demanding home user:

GogiPet® Silk Care loosens the matting and prevents new matting so that the dog can easily be combed again.

The coconut oil contained in GogiPet® Silk Care optimizes the coat care and other natural oils give the coat lively volume, silky shine with anti-aging effect and protect the coat against UV rays and the associated bleaching.




Dog care with natural oils


For the care in the dog salon and at home:


GogiPet® Silk Care can be applied to both wet and dry fur and is the ultimate finish after dog styling. But also in between GogiPet® Silk Care can be brushed into the dry coat - it nourishes the hair and counteracts damaged coat. Of course the enchanting scent is released again. Your dog will smell pleasantly again and also enchant your visitors.





GogiPet the strong partner


The sales hit in the dog salon:


GogiPet® Silk Care has gradually conquered the European dog salons as it optimally cares for the coat and has also become a bestseller in dog salons. Dog salon customers especially love the scent of GogiPet® Silk Care and are pleased that the dog (or cat) is much easier to comb and matts and tangles stays away when used regularly. Dog groomers are the strongest partner of GogiPet® Silk Care, because the customer is immediately impressed when he picks up his fragrant darling from the groomer and usually takes a bottle of GogiPet® Silk Care with them.




GogiPet Silk Care for the big and the small


GogiPet® Silk Care is for all:


GogiPet® Silk Care is also very much used in cat care, especially for longhaired cats which are very prone to matting and of course GogiPet® Silk Care is essential when it comes to cat shows. No matter if small or large pets, young or old pets, short or long hair - GogiPet® Silk Care can be used on any type of coat and on any type of hair.



Even with heavily damaged fur, GogiPet® Silk Care often works wonders due to its regenerating effect and often saves what can no longer be saved.

Properties of GogiPet Silk Care:

  • Provides beautiful coat
  • Vitamin E acts against damaged coat and make healthy and silky hair
  • Coconut oil for optimal fur supply
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Gives silk gloss without greasing 
  • Regenerating and restructuring
  • Natural oils give the coat lively volume
  • Pleasant smell
  • Solvents and prevents for tangles and matts
  • Protects the coat against UV rays and reduces the bleaching of the hair
  • Acts antistatically
  • Leaves no oily fur
  • Prevents felt by being used regularly
  • Dissolves tangles
  • Can be used with dry and damp hair

GogiPet Silk Care includes 100ml.

Inhaltsstoffe / Ingredients:
Phenyl Trimethicone
Tocopheryl Acetate
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Ethyhexyl Methoxycinnamate

Hundefriseur Wien dog beauty tip:

GogiPet Silk Care I use as a successor product of DoggyDolly Silk Coat, the added coconut oil acts more effectively against matted layers and the replaced silicone thanks to high-quality silicone does not promote new felt formation even in problematic dog breeds

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