Brushes, Combs, Trimmers, Nail Clipper, Disentangler

Brushes, combs and Co for dogs and cats.

Groom your dog and cat regularly and prevent skin and coat problems.

Each dog and cat is unique.

The popular slicker brush is not enough in most cases, it always depends on the breed. Short-haired pets are curried so that the loose hair can be removed, long-haired pets usually tend to be tangled when this is not preventing. We try in the simplest way to describe as best as possible all pet grooming tools to make your selection easier. In addition, we have gone through every single product of the groomer needs with professional dog hairdressers step by step and have added the best and most helpful grooming tools in our program. In this way, regardless of the manufacturer's information, we ensure the usefulness of the grooming products for the dog hairdresser and the discerning home user.