Bubbles & Nature Volume Dog Shampoo 5 Liter Concentrate
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Dog shampoo 5 liter concentrate especially for dog groomers. The Volume dog shampoo of GogiPet® Bubbles & Nature is a 10 times concentrated dog shampoo with Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin F. It is suitable for for voluminous dogs and is sufficient for approx. 400 applications. The Bubbles & Nature dog shampoos and dog balsam recommended by top dog hairdressers are available at Onlinezoo extra cheap instead of:
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Dog groomer shampoo Volume 10-times concentrate in 5 liter jerrycan.

The GogiPet® dog shampoo for the dog groomer on a natural basis without animal experiments corresponds to 50 liters of dog shampoo.

Volume dog shampoo 5 liters of GogiPet® 10 times concentrated Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo with Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin F.

The GogiPet® Bubbles & Nature care series is specially developed for professional dog care and for the demanding home user, the dog groomer shampoo in a can is suitable for the highly frequented dog salon but is also available as a concentrate in 250 ml bottles and 1 litre bottles.

With 5 litres of Bubbles & Nature Volume dog shampoo concentrate you can do about 400 dog baths.
The dog shampoo tank is very suitable for dog hairdressers and breeders.

Further descriptions and detailed information about the GogiPet® Volume dog shampoo can be found under:

The very high-quality universal dog groomer shampoo is suitable for for voluminous dogs.

Dog Hairdresser Vienna Tip:

  1. If you also want to sell the GogiPet® Volume Dog Shampoo to your customers, we recommend the 250 ml bottles as these are equivalent to 2.5 litres of commercially available dog shampoo and are perfectly sufficient for home use. (This is also available with attractive quantity discounts.
  2. For the application in the dog salon you pump best with the GogiPet Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo canister pump approx. 1 cm of dog shampoo into a shampoo mixing bottle and fill the bottle with about 37 ° warm water, so you can distribute the dog shampoo best in the damp coat and use.
  3. Please note that each dog must be shampooed 2 x to achieve an effective result, for the first shampooing I recommend the GogiPet® Universal dog shampoo and for the second shampooing the breed specific dog shampoo. The balsam is only applied in the third phase.

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