Dog shampoo against fleas - 5 liter groomer shampoo
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Anti flea shampoo for dogs 5 liter dog shampoo for dogs against fleas and other parasites on a natural basis for the pet groomer. The dog shampoo is with pure natural antiseptic and...
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Parasite-repellent shampoo 5 Litrer.

Anti flea shampoo for dogs.

Dog shampoo for dogs against fleas and parsites on a naturaly base.

Formulated with essential oils with repellent action against fleas and ticks. This dog shampoo immediate action on the parasites and is rich with vitamin F.

Acts immediately by repelling skin parasites and helping to soothe itching and irritation. Preventive. Cleansing and insect repellent, frequent use. Specially formulated for dogs

Content of the dog shampoo: 5 l. 

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All breeds

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