Cat Collars

Cat collars and harnesses for cats.

Cat collars:
The cat collar must either have a target opening position or stretch. Do not use rigid dog collar because cats like to climb, when the collar cannot open or pull over the cat head by itself, the danger is very great that yor cat could be strangled.

cat collars

Cat collars... Beautiful, ornate cat collars with set opening location and monochrome stretch cat collars so your cat is both indoors and outdoors safely...

cat collars for rhinestone stretch cat collars

Cat collars for rhinestone letters or rhinestone motifs Cat collars for rhinestone letters and rhinestones motifs. (Name collars) Design your individual cat collar with rhinestone jewellery ...

cat leashes and cat harnesses

Cat collars with cat harness

If you want to take your cat to the leash you need a special cat harness, because cats are very agile and can get rid of a dog harnesses ...

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