GogiPet® webbing knitting dog leash braided blue 2 x 90 cm

4-layered dog leash of webbing knitting nylon fabric blue. GogiPet® Super Premium textile leash braided with a width of 90 cm and a width of 2 cm. Beautiful, antibacterial, blue dog leash made of extra strong nylon fabric for a long life.

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Blue webbing knitting dog leash.

4-layered GogiPet® Super Premium textile dog leash braided with a width of 90 cm and a width of 2 cm. (other models of these dog leashes)

Beautiful, antibacterial, blue dog leash made of very sturdy nylon fabric for long life and comfortable grip for the extra comfort. The dog leash is braided together of 4 leashes and is therefore extra tear resistant. All metal parts are nickel-plated and rust-free. Nylon dog leashes are very light and can quickly be put into the pant pockets when they are not needed. GogiPet® dog leashes stand for the highest quality with careful processing with quality control in Vienna.

Characteristics of this GogiPet dog leash:

  • Super premium nylon fabric
  • Blue braided handle with 2 cm width
  • 4-layered dog leash
  • Due to the tear strength also suitable for large dogs
  • Nickel plated metal parts - stainless
  • 90 cm long 2 cm Ø
  • Very high quality workmanship
  • Antibacterial tissue
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GogiPet® dog leashes at Onlinezoo at low prices.

The braided GogiPet® dog leashes made of Super Premium Nylon are especially tearproof, durable and weatherproof. The handle of the dog leash fits especially well and comfortably in the hand and can also be pulled comfortably over the hand, so that you have your hands as free as possible without the dog leash chafing your wrists. The braided dog leashes from GogiPet® are especially suitable for strong dogs, because they are hardly destructible. For larger dogs you should use a short dog leash to ensure your and your dog's safety. The lead made of high quality Super Premium Nylon fabric is suitable for all seasons and all weather, this dog leash does not fade in the sun and will not become hard and brittle even in the cold season. The chrome-plated carabiner fits on almost every dog collar or dog harness and is extremely robust, durable and weatherproof. GogiPet® stands for highest quality standards at an unbeatable price in this quality class.

Handmade dog collars HANDMADE:
GogiPet® dog collars and leashes made of Super Premium Nylon fabric are 95% handmade. All dog collars and leashes you get were developed in decades of experience and are innovatively improved every day. Each dog collar and each dog leash is individually manufactured and individually controlled so that you get only the best and perfect dog collar for your dog.


GogiPet® Classic dog leashes which have proven themselves for many years and are still very popular. Simple, classic and functional.


GogiPet® Super Premium Nylongewebe Hundeleinen in Handstricktechnik hergestellt. Alle klassischen GogiPet® Hundeleinen sind handgeflochten und weisen durch die 100% Handarbeit ihren einzigen Charakter aus.


GogiPet carabiner of dog collars and dog leashes CASTING CARABINES:
Carabiners specially developed by GogiPet® for dog collars and breast harnesses. Thanks to years of research in technology and design, the GogiPet® carabiners fit perfectly to collars and leashes. The chrome GogiPet® carabiners are very robust and extremely weatherproof.


Please clean our dog collars and dog leads once a month with a damp cloth to ensure a long life and the best shine. Also look out for any bite marks or damage to sharp objects. If the fabric is damaged, it is recommended to replace the dog collar or leash.


GogiPet dog products and dog grooming GOGIPET® QUALITY STANDARD:
GogiPet® products stand for highest quality with most careful processing with quality control in Vienna.

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