Airy webbing dog harness by GogiPet® Soft XL

Air dog harness Neck / Breast 60 / 85 cm +/- 10 cm made of Super Premium fabric. GogiPet ® soft harness for dogs more then 40 kg. The breathing - active, red - black dog harness made of high stable anti-bacterial Webbing.

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Breathing active fabric dog harness XL.

Length adjustable GogiPet® Super Premium nylon chest harness red black. (more sizes)

This 2,5 cm wide soft harness is very comfortable to wear. The dog harness is made of high stable anti-bacterial Webbing, Special breathable fabric and manufactured with a qualitative workmanship and under GogiPet® warranty. Anti-carcinogenic soft tissue, which is harmless for your pet, is used at the lower side of the Webbing.

This dog harness can be used for dogs with a weight of more then 40 kg like Bullmastiff, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Doberman.  

Characteristics of this GogiPet dog collar:

  • Red black dog breast harness
  • Soft harness
  • Very breathable
  • Super premium nylon fabric
  • Very robust and tear resistant
  • Quick release fasteners
  • Easy to adjust in size
  • Nickel plated metal parts - stainless
  • 2,5 cm wide
  • Neck: 55 - 65 cm
  • Breast: 80 - 90 cm
  • Very high quality workmanship
  • GogiPet branded product with particularly good quality
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GogiPet® dog harness special offer

GogiPet® nylon dog harnesses are very tear-resistant, weatherproof and are very easy to put on and take off by means of a plug closure. The light Air webbing of the dog harnesses is especially airy, offers a pleasant wearing comfort and nestles up to the body of your dog. GogiPet® harnesses with click fasteners also score points due to their easy handling. GogiPet® dog harnesses made of high quality premium nylon fabric are therefore perfect for every season and for every weather. These dog harnesses do not burn out in the sun and do not become stiff and brittle even in the cold season. Due to the simple adjustment system, the GogiPet® dog soft harnesses can be adjusted exactly and comfortably to the individual physique of your dog. The D-ring for the dog leash is chrome-plated and is also suitable for allergic dogs. With the anticarcinogenic Super Premium Nylon webbing, GogiPet® also ensures that your dog does not come in contact with any toxic synthetic materials that could endanger health. GogiPet® stands for highest quality standards at an unrivalled price in this quality class.


Handmade dog collars HANDMADE:
GogiPet® dog collars and leashes made of Super Premium Nylon fabric are 95% handmade. All dog collars and leashes you get were developed in decades of experience and are innovatively improved every day. Each dog collar and each dog leash is individually manufactured and individually controlled so that you get only the best and perfect dog collar for your dog.


GogiPet Air fabric for airy dog collars GOGIPET® AIR:
GogiPet® Air textiles are, as the name suggests, made of special breathable fabrics. GogiPet® Air textiles are very air-permeable, elastic, shock-absorbing, washable and cooling and are used in dog collars and dog harnesses for the well-being of your dog and in the handles of dog leashes to prevent sweaty hands.


GogiPet Super Premium Nylon fabric for dog harnesses ADJUSTABLE SUPER PREMIUM NYLON FABRIC.
GogiPet® Super Premium Nylon fabric dog harnesses
are easy to adjust in size to perfectly fit the dog's body. If your dog wears dog clothing in winter, the harness can be easily adjusted in size.


GogiPet Super Premium Nylon fabric for dog collars and dog leads SUPER PREMIUM NYLON FABRIC.
GogiPet® Super Premium Nylon fabric which is woven from high quality polyamide fibres is very tear resistant and resistant to bad weather. It does not fade in the sun and does not become hard or brittle in winter. GogiPet® uses the same yarns as used for safety belts. These precision materials are even used in the production of parachutes.


GogiPet Gummi für Hundebrustgeschirre RUBBER FILLER INLAYS:

GogiPet® dog harness filling pads are covered with Super Premium Nylon fabric for extra comfort. Due to its waterproof structure the dog harness protects against cold in the sensitive chest area and is especially soft in combination with padding material.


GogiPet plastic parts in dog collars and dog leadsPLASTIC PARTS:
GogiPet® plastic buckles and plastic clips are made of durable and strong polyacetal, which on the one hand are easier to press, but on the other hand promise a long life. For dog collars and dog harnesses, these plastic parts meet all standards and exceed the required expectations.


Please clean our dog collars and dog leads once a month with a damp cloth to ensure a long life and the best shine. Also look out for any bite marks or damage to sharp objects. If the fabric is damaged, it is recommended to replace the dog collar or leash.


GogiPet dog products and dog grooming GOGIPET® QUALITY STANDARD:
GogiPet® products stand for highest quality with most careful processing with quality control in Vienna.


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