accessories for dogs festive fashions

Accessories for Dogs formal fashions

Of course, the jewellery should not be missed, Onlinezoo offers an ample selection of jewellery and of course jewellery for the horse that is pulling the wedding carriage. Since we often hear in our dog boutique "Oh my God, I spent again more money for my dog than for me"! That's why we taken rhinestone jewellery for woman in our program, now you can buy for yourself so much jewellery that you are even with your dog. The Onlinezoo team always find a good solution for our customers.


Make jewellery yourself with rhinestone letters and rhinestone designs

Rhinestone letter and rhinestone motifs. With the rhinestone letter and rhinestone motifs you can make names, logos, word games and much more. We offer rhinestone motifs with 14 mm and rhinestone motifs with 32 mm size.

Stretch collar to self create for the cat

Cat collar for rhinestone letters and rhinestone motifs. (Name necklace) Create your individual cat collar with our rhinestone jewellery to slide. The cat collars are 10 mm wide.

Rhinestone collars to the create with Rhinestone letters and motifs

Rhinestone dog collars for medium and large dogs. For larger dogs, we offer 2 different types of dog collar name dog collar. The dog collar as jewellery rhinestone collar...

Name collar for dogs to the make it yourself

Rhinestone dog collars for small dogs, our small dog collars for rhinestone jewellery (name necklace), with 10 mm wide and 2 mm thickness are available in various lengths and colours.



Rhinestone jewelry design with carabiner to the jewelry itself, charm necklace, bracelet, Anklet, dog collars and much just make it yourself more.

Rhinestone pendant motifs rhinestone motifs with carabineer or a small key ring with many Zircons. High-gloss, chrome alloy, nickel free for Ribbon charm, pendant or the even make individual jewellery.

Make your horse headband by yourself with Rhinestone letters and rhinestone motifs

Real leather horse headband, jewellery for 'ponies and horses' (name headband horse) the leather headband accommodates rhinestone letters and rhinestone designs.


Dog ties as a dog collar

Ties for dogs and collars for dogs as a chic dog collars for special occasions or as extravagant
dog accessory for the nice walk through the city.




Bows for dogs by DoggyDolly dogfashion

Bows for a beautiful crested. We offer a wide selection of dog bows for small and large dogs.