DoggyDolly silk coat and dog grooming products

DoggyDolly dog care

DoggyDolly dog grooming product

DoggyDolly Silk Coat for grooming and Bubbles & Nature Dog care products.

Onlinezoo take care for dog grooming seriously and work internationally with over 600 pet groomers together. The GogiPet Silk Care lotion helps in regular use to avoid mats and tangles and the Bubbles & Nature care products for dogs maintains optimum coat and skin of your dog. Bubbles & Nature is developed together with dog groomers for show dogs, for the discerning dog care at home and dog grooming been.

 DoggyDolly Silk Coat

DoggyDolly coat care- DoggyDolly Silk Coat

Leading dog hairdressers recommend GogiPet® Silk Care our successor to DoggyDolly Silk Coat for the fur, to make it beautiful soft and bend to tangles before. GogiPet Silk Care now also contains the ingredients like it has to be.

  • Vitamin E repairs damaged hair and ensures healthy and silky hair
  • Rich of natural oils and proteins to feed the hair
  • Silk care on the basis of silk
  • Natural oils and silk proteins give the skin lively volume
  • GogiPet® Silk Care makes a silky shine without being greasy
  • GogiPet® Silk Care dissolves tangles and prevents this before
  • GogiPet® Silk Care protects the skin from UV rays and reduces the fading of hair
  • GogiPet® Silk Care is antistatic
  • GogiPet® Silk Care leaves no oily skin
  • New now with some coconut oil for special care

GogiPet® Silk Care 100 ml.

Bubbles & Nature, the natural dog care products with very good care effect.

The Bubbles & Nature dog care series is also recommended by leading dog groomers, Bubbles & Nature Dog care products are distinguished by their special care effect and their visible effects without your dog with harmful chemicals to strain.

Bubbles & Nature Dog care products that the professionals also use effiziennte dog care series without harmful chemicals as they.

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