Blue striped, soft leggings for dogs
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The blue striped leggings for dogs are very stretchy and are worn in winter as a second layer under the dog clothes. But of course, the dog leggings are also perfect for the transitional period. GogiPet ® dog clothes you get extra cheap at Onlinezoo instead of:

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Warm dog leggings blue striped - flexibel dog clothes.

The leggings for dogs are very stretchy and comfortable to wear.

Dog leggings are very universal and are often used as dog clothes for the transitional period. In winter you can wear the dog leggings under the dog clothes as a second layer when it is very cold. As a pajama are dog leggings used so that the hairs stay in the dog pajamas and do not end up in bed, but also as a house suit against the cold tile floor finds this dog leggings more and more lovers. Naked dogs usually have a very sensitive skin and are quickly scoured when something on the skin scrapes, also here the dog leggings are gladly used. Either as a house suit or again as a lower layer of dog clothing, so that nothing can rub. Our striped leggings for dogs have been used repeatedly as a prison suit at the carnival party. Finally, this dog clothes also serves as a jogging suit. So you can say that this dog gear is a real all-rounder. Because these GogiPet ® dog clothes are very thin and soft, they can be optimally combined as a lower layer with our other dog fashion.

Details of this GogiPet® dog clothes:

  • Blue striped dog leggings
  • The "dog sweater" that can not slip
  • Suitable as a dog pajama
  • Suitable as a dog jogger
  • Suitable as a dog house suit
  • Suitable as a dog divider for leisure
  • Suitable as a carnival costume
  • Suitable as dog clothes as a second layer on very cold days
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Flexible dog sweater with 4 legs
  • High quality breathable cotton blend
  • Cuffs on the legs
  • Elastic at the back so that the hind legs do not slip out of the sleeves
  • Very high-necked therefore the neck and the chest of your dog are well protected
  • Washable dog clothes
  • Can easily be combined with our dog jackets
  • Since the inside not embroidery also well suited for naked dogs
  • Especially high quality dog clothes
  • Breathable dog clothes made of cotton
  • Warm dog clothes for the winter

GogiPet® dog clothes at our online shop extra low with guaranteed lowest price.

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