Blue Black, warm coard dog jacket - dog apparel blue jacket
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Hot Doggy Dolly dog ​​clothes dark blue corduroy. The cozy warm corduroy dog ​​winter coat in blue is still fed extra, so that the cold can not harm your dog. The hood ...
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Blue corduroy winter jacket

Hot and warm DoggyDolly dog wear dark blue corduroy.

The cosy, warm corduroy dog winter coat in black - blue is fed extra so that the cold cannot harm your dog. The hood is lined with faux fur and gives the DoggyDolly dog coat a special touch. The cuffs around the legs to prevent cold does not penetrate the dogs coat and still lend an extra protection against the cold.
Which should most interested in your dog is whether this model also has a dog treat bag, do not worry, even in the winter jacket pockets are fitted for it.
The hood can be fixed with a buckle so they do not accidentally slip over the head.

Details of this DoggyDolly dog wear:

  • Dark Blue corduroy dog coat
  • Faux fur bordered hood
  • Striped cuffs on legs against cold air flow
  • Lined very warm
  • DoggyDolly designer emblem on the back
  • Velcro on the book for quick on and off

DoggyDolly dog clothing W023.
This DoggyDolly dog clothing model is also available in other colours:

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Size chart for small dogs

Size chart for small dogs Chest Back Lenght Others
XXS only some special models 26 - 28 cm 13 - 15 cm > 1 kg
XS 31 - 33 cm 17 - 21 cm 1 - 1,5 kg
S-20 32 cm 20 cm Neck circumference 23 cm
S 36 - 38 cm 22 - 25 cm 2 kg
M-25 37 cm 25 cm Neck circumference 26 cm
M 41 - 43 cm 26 - 30 cm 3 kg
L-30 42 cm 30 cm Neck circumference 29 cm
L 46 - 48 cm 30 - 33 cm 4 kg
XL-35 47 cm 35 cm Neck circumference 32 cm
XL 51 - 53 cm 33 - 36 cm 5 - 6 kg
XXL-40 52 cm 40 cm Nackenumfang 35 cm
XXL 56 -58 cm 36 - 39 cm 6 - 8 kg
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