EcoGlass Concentrate 1 to 5 - 1 litre for 10 bottles.

1 litre bottle of concentrated Ecodor EcoGlass Window Cleaner. With 1 litre concentrate you can make 5 liter ready-to-use EcoGlass liquid and you can refill your EcoGlass sprayer 10 times.

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EcoGlass 1 litre refill 5x conentrate by Ecodor.

save compared with 10 500 ml bottles 29.55 €

The 1 litre concentrated Ecodor EcoGlass makes up 5 litres ready-to-use.

Ecodor EcoGlass Window Cleaner. To make the ready-to-use product, add 1 quantity of concentrate to 4 quantities of (tap) water (1 litre concentrate EcoGlass with 4 litres of water). One 1 litre concentrate will generate 5 litres of ready-to-use EcoGlass.

Make 10 bottle of 500 ml Ecodor EcoGlass spraybottles.

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