Foldable Playmat for kitten with toys

Playmat for kittens. This folding mat for kittens with cat toys. Your little darling is right to play and frolic animate. But not only kittens. At the Onlinezoo online shop now 30% cheaper instead of

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Foldable Playmat for kitten with toys.

Playmat blanket for kitten  .

This folding mat for kittens with cat toys your little Darling is right to play and frolic animate. But not only kittens will have your joy with the playground for cats also playful adult cats love this extravagant cat toy. The soft soil of the cat blanket adapts to the back of your cat and if you want the cat even me all 4 paws at the same time employ. 

Play mat for kitten

If your kittens or your kitten with big Googly eyes discover the cat toy dangling about, the eyes will be equal even greater joy. The energy will flow and the little ones can enjoy themselves really until Sleep returns, but her pussy needs endeavour won't simply fall over and insert a NAP right on the top of the cat. 

Playground for cats

The cat lawn needs but not always standing around, if you are getting visit kittens usually already on the guests most interested. The cat mat, you can then fold up and stow. Quickly the cat cover is again installed and ready for use, therefore it ideal also for travel, if you want to take your kitten.
Dimensions: 48 cmx 48 cm.

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