GogiPet bath-, gloss-, and massage brush - short hair

GogiPet ® gloss Brush massage brush and bath brush for short hair. The GogiPet ® short hair brush is very gentle and is aslo suitable for kittens - and puppy care. At Online zoo now extra low for only

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GogiPet ® short hair brush as a bath brush, gloss brush and massage brush with ∞ X rubber nubs.

Extra soft slicker brush for cats and dogs and for sensitive short hair pets with special rubber nubs. The pleasant grooming which feels like cuddles, removes protection, dust, draws magically loose and dead hair like a magnet and lends to the hair particularly satiny gloss. We have developed in Austria with support of numerous dog hairdressers the especially design so that the soft elastic teeth make a way coat-carefully through the hair and gently massage and stimulate the skin. This promotes better blood circulation which has a particularly healthy coat result. The pleasant massage experience deepens the relationship with humans and animals and is therefore also suitable especially for puppies. If you rub the dog shampoo with this GogiPet bath brush while bathing increases this also substantially the shampoo efficiency. Your dog will not only get used on the coat care, it become it to even love and are thus the perfect entrance for the skin care he will love it even and thus is the perfect introduction for the grooming. (For animals with long hair, please use the rubber brush for long hair pets.

The GogiPet ® rubber brush with ∞ X rubber knobs measures approx 19 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm.

Characteristics of short-haired rubber brush:

  • Ergonomic non-slip handle 
  • Suitable for short-haired breeds
  • Brush head 7.5 x 3 cm 
  • Designed for cats and dogs
  • Extra soft for sensitive pets and puppies
  • Bath brush to improve the shampoo efficiency
  • Special massage brush for skin and hair
  • Rubber Curry comb for loose and dead hair
  • Gives nice and silky gloss
  • Suitable for wet and dry fur

The perfect dog brush for sensitive dogs and puppy brush.


The GogiPet ® massage brush can be used on dry and wet fur. Perfect for shampooing and brushing after the bath. For an effective massage, brush from the head to the body. In order to maintain a clean and healthy coat, brush slowly so that the rubber brush can penetrate till the skin and during the massage remove dead hair.

Tip of our pet groomer in Vienna:
I like to use the rubber brush also after bathing to give dogs yet a special massage experience which they obviously enjoy. Also at puppies and dogs which comes the first time in my grooming salon I spoil with this brush to build up a loving trust.

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