GogiPet currycomb - size adjustable Shedding Blade

GogiPet Shedder. The top hair trimmer (Currycomb) is adjustable in size, the handle can be opened to get a trim band and offers a fine and coarse side for thick and thin fur. At Onlinezoo you get the GogiPet Shedder now for the half price.

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GogiPet ® Shedder - adjustable shedding blade.

The GogiPet ® Shedder is size adjustable by pushing a button and can be optimized from cats over dogs till up to the horse. In large dogs, you can even open the two-sided Shedder and use as the stripping band or shedder trim band. Also here GogiPet has incorporated again rubber inserts in the handle, for a long painless work. If you adjust the Shedder in the size you can lock this setting so that the Fur Stripper does not change the size by itself. The GogiPet Shedder is size adjustabble from about 255 to 315, has two sides coarse and find and can be used as cat Shedder, dog Shedder rodents Shedder and horse Shedder.

Special features of the Shedder:

  • Ergonomic non-slip handle with heavy-duty stainless steel blade
  • For short and thick skin
  • Adjustable size for large and small animals
  • Promotes the regrowth of healthy hair
  • Particularly innovative idea and design from Austria
  • Open 68 cm with 36cm worktop
  • Feels great for the pet to - like as hardcore stroking

The ideal adaptive Shedder for all short-haired coat types and all sizes.

Typical to use for short-haired cats, short-haired Chihuahua, Pug, Dachshund, wire-haired dogs, short-haired horses and all animals which have short hair and lose them easily.

Tip of our dog hairdresser in Vienna:

Neglect not the legs and the lower body where accumulate lots of hair.

How to use the GogiPet® Sheeder - Currycomb:

  • Closed: -> Brush your pet with the closed GogiPet ® Shedder the fur along with gentle wiping motion in direction of growth. Set the size for the smaller and larger areas.
  • Open: -> At larger animals it is easier to work open on the sides and the back with the GogiPet ® cover hair trimmer. Take in each hand a handle and use the coarse or fine side in the direction of growth.
  • With the coarse side to remove efficiently dead and loose hair
  • With the fine side for the finishing and for the very fine hair

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