GogiPet Detangling comb with rotating teeth 18 cm
Detangling comb for dogs and cats. The GogiPet ® disentanglement comb helps twisted up and tangled hair, without great effort and without pulling and tearing to get back in shape. At Onlinezoo now GogiPet grooming products 40% cheaper
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GogiPet ® rotating teeth comb GogiPet detangling comb.

Detangling comb for dogs and cats for better gliding through the hair. The GogiPet ® dog comb with 18 cm helps you at the pet care to get twisted up and tangled hair back into shape. The GogiPet dog comb was designed in Austira for detangling long and medium coats to facilitate animal care and the private users.

Special features of this detangling comb with rotating pins:

  • Ergonomic handle increased comfort and grip safety
  • Stainless steel teeth for long life
  • Developed for dogs and cats
  • Sesigned for detangling long and medium coats
  • Through the 360 ° rotating pins, the combing effect is greatly increased
  • Less pull and less loss of healthy hair
  • Helps to detangle the hair
  • In Austria with leading dog hairdressers for the work free of tiredness designed
  • Dissolves smaller nodules carefully
  • 48 rounded teeth for gentle combing with approx. 2 cms

The best petcomb for demating mats and tangles of long and medium cots.

How to use:

Comb always in growth direction and stimulate, besides, the skin and hair follicle. Start at the back and work your way forward. It is recommended to remove larger tangles before using the GogiPet® detangling comb. Hold the tangles on the basis that you do not tear unnecessarily your pet. Comb carefully and with only few pressure through the coat, let the rotary high-grade steel pins do their Work.

Always comb in the direction of growth and work from the back to the front. The fine pins allow a comb which can promote mediocre volume. If you meet on felt, take a comb with less pins, spray these with the Bubbles & Nature balm and de-matting spray, wait 2 minutes, hold the tangles on the basis that you do not tear unnecessarily the pet and comb it out. Regularly remove hair from the GogiPet ® comb to benefit from the maximum care.

Tip of our dog hairdresser in Vienna:
If something more mats are in the coat, the dog must first bathed with the Bubbles & Nature shampoo for long hair dogs, and then supplied with the Bubbles & Nature hair mask. Only if there are small tangles and mats you can spray these with the Bubbles & Nature Balm and de-matting spray 2 minutes to soak and then comb out. The disentanglement comb is used primarily after bathing to get screwed hair nice in shape while drying. In addition, I recommend to use a bigger flexible slicker brush or smaller flexible slicker brush by the drying process and remove small mats and tangles well.

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