GogiPet dog dryer Poseidon blue with variable speed and heating
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GogiPet dog dryer Poseidon blue with adjustable air speed and 2 heat settings. The practical combination dryer with powerful 3rd generation cascade engine. Portable desk dryer as blower and volume hair dryer. Now at Onlinezoo extra cheap

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GogiPet® "Poseidon" blaster / dryer combination blue.

Blue portable desk dog dryer for dog hairdressers with 2 heat settings and adjustable air speed up to 3000 liters per minute.

The third-generation GogiPet® dog dryer with a powerful cascade engine has a longer life and is quieter than the first and second generation engines. The blue metal case is very durable and by means of a handle also suitable for mobile dog hairdresser. GogiPet® provides you with an approx. 2 meter long, extendable and particularly flexible hose so that you can blow the water out of the fur from any position. With the 3 included nozzles you can adjust the blower to each coat and with the cone attachment you can increase the pressure even more to solve mats and to remove loose hair from the fur.

The GogiPet® dog dryer is suitable for large and small dogs because you can regulate the air speed infinitely up to 55 liters per second. For dogs that require volume, you can even switch the heating element with 2 steps on.

Features of the GogiPet Zeus Dog Dryer:

  • Blue metal case
  • Practical handle for the mobile dog hairdresser
  • High quality dog dryer of the 3rd generation
  • Can be used as a blower (dog dryer with high pressure)
  • Can be used as a volume hair dryer (with 2 heat settings)
  • Powerful cascade engine
  • Extendable, flexible hose up to approx. 2 meters
  • 3 different nozzles
  • Air volume adjustable up to 50 m / s
  • Heating element can be switched on Level 1 to max. 30 ° Celsius, Sutfe 2 to max. 60 ° Celsius
  • Noise level less than 70 DB
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for professional use in the groomer salon
  • Power adjustable from up to 2200 watts
  • Especially good value for money
  • Suitable for cats and dogs

Dog groomer Vienna advice:

The dog dryer is one of the most important purchases a groomer. There are 4 types of dog dryers available: blasters (with high pressure), volume and finishing dryer (with heating element), face dryer and final dryer (hand dryer) and combination dryer / blaster. For beginners, we recommend a combination dryer, which offers you the best of both variants and a face blower because you can also remove the loose hair after the cut on the body of the dog.

(Now also optionally usable as a wall dryer or as a stand dryer).

GogiPet dog dryer special price

GogiPet® stands for top-quality pet care products at an affordable price. GogiPet® dog dryers are used by professional dog groomers and are becoming more and more popular even with demanding home users. GogiPet® dog dryers and dog hairdressing supplies have been tested for decades in our grooming salons and in the dog grooming school by various dog groomers on numerous dogs and cats, regardless of the manufacturer's specifications, in order to be able to approach the optimisation step by step. GogiPet® pet dryers are very powerful and relatively quiet thanks to cascade motors with the latest technology. The switchable heating element also makes it possible to use the pet blower as a pet dryer with stand foot or wall bracket to add more volume to the coat, as is necessary for example for poodle care. Dogs, horses and cats are very sensitive to the volume of the air flow (not audible to us). Most manufacturers advertise that their pet dryers are quiet, but this is not as relevant to pet care as the airflow noise, so the dog likes to run after the lawnmower but panics as soon as the vacuum cleaner is started. GogiPet® dog dryers are all tested for these unpleasant noises in theory, but also in practice and are the best choice as a dog dryer for your dog grooming needs. Only high-quality materials and parts are used in GogiPet® pet dryers, so that you can dry your dogs quickly and above all safely. The high air flow ensures a healthy drying process without drying out the coat. GogiPet® products differ primarily in that GogiPet® does not try to reinvent the wheel, but rather puts existing products through their paces in practice and incorporates the acquired knowledge of improvement into the production process. Even though GogiPet® primarily produces pet dryers for professional pet groomer, more and more private pet lovers are also choosing a professional pet dryer from GogiPet® due to the low price without middlemen, making the GogiPet® pet dryers our best-selling dog dryers on our continent. If you are looking for a good, high quality but still affordable pet dryer, then you have found just the right one at GogiPet.

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