GogiPet pet comb with long and short teeth (Moulting Comb)
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Moulting comb with long and short, rounded pins. The GogiPet® dog comb the same dead and loose hair removes and the healthy hair loose and ventilate prevent tangles. At Onlinezoo you get now the professional GogiPet dog comb very cheap

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GogiPet® dog comb and cat comb with short and long rounded pins.

Dog comb or cat comb for all breeds. This comb is especially useful for quickly comb because it simultaneously loosens the hair and ventilated and remove dead and loose hair. Smaller mats and tangles are removed quickly with this comb and in breeds with a double coat this dog comb is an absolute must in dog care. The rounded plastic top of the GogiPet ® comb allows to work long without pain or calluses on the hands. This dog comb is specially designed for the professional pet groomer and demanding users by leading groomers in Austria.
The GogiPet® dog moulting comb with 21 cm is closely associated with 36, provided coated metal pins, so you easily cut through the coat and remove any moulted hair.

Special features of this fine-toothed comb with soft handle:

  • Soft non-slip handle for increased comfort and grip safety
  • 19 long in the Ø 2.5 cm and 18 short in the Ø 1.5 sturdy stainless steel pins
  • 37pins arranged on a work surface of 8 cm
  • Comb especially for pets with double coat developed
  • Handle comb also for long-haired and short-haired dogs, cats and rodents
  • Each pin is coated so that it can never scratch
  • Short teeth remove dead and loose hairs
  • Long teeth penetrate the healthy hair
  • Rounded pins slide smoothly, deep and safely through the coat
  • Coarse and fine teeth for breeds with a double layer of hair

The optimal dog comb for breeds with long, or double coat hairs.

How to use:

Always comb in the direction of growth and work from the back to the front. The long pins loosen healthy hair and short pins remove dead and loose hair. If you meet on felt, spray these with the Bubbles & Nature balm and de-matting spray, wait 2 minutes, hold the tangles on the basis that you do not tear unnecessarily the pet and comb it out. Regularly remove hair from the GogiPet ® comb to benefit from the maximum care.

Advice of our dog hairdresser in Vienna:
This dog comb with rounded pins is a must for every pet grooming and should also be applied to any pet owner's daily care. Since you simultaneously remove dead and loose hair and loosen the healthy hair, you also prevent new tangles and mats. In order to keep your dog's coat in good condition, bathe your dog every 2 weeks with a good, moisturizing, adapted to the dogs Ph value dog shampoo. To best with a shampoo which is adapted to the predominant colour of your dog to promote it like the shampoo for white dogs, Shampoo for black dogs or the shampoo for red and brown dogs and supplies you the skin afterwards with a good dog mask around felt to prevent.

When using an animal comb always ensure that the pins are rounded to not hurt the pet. Use the Bubbles & Nature Volume dog shampoo for dogs requiring voluminous coat and then provide the fur with Bubbles & Nature Volume balm, when you visit also shows you consider the purchase of a stand dryer to obtain optimal volume. Depending upon the breed should be brushed also 1 time weekly until daily, if your dog bends to mats and tangles spray with each brushing a few Bubbles & Nature spraying balsam on the skin and brush it with the Multibrush.

Onlinezoo super price hit with Best Price Guarantee.

Dog groomer Wien advice for dog combs:

Do not just buy a dog brush, the dog comb is also part of the basic care needs of the dog. Which dog comb for which dog? Basically it is not so difficult to choose the right dog comb. The smoother the coat is, the finer the teeth should be, the more volume you want to have, the coarser the teeth of the dog comb should be.

If your dog has long hair, then there should always be a very coarse dog comb in the house, because with a very coarse comb you can easily remove burdock from the coat, just put the dog comb under the burdock and pull the hair over the teeth until you can remove the burdock.

If you would like to straighten the hair, then simply comb through with a very fine comb.

A medium-fine dog comb is primarily used for quick combing when the dog collar or harness is taken off, so that you can quickly remove small tangles before they become a problem. Don't forget the areas behind the ears which also tend to felt. The legs and the tail should also be combed after every walk with the medium-fine dog comb, because dirt also easily collects, which can cause tangles. With dogs with skirt, absolutely also comb the belly briefly.

The dog comb with short and long teeth is suitable for dog breeds which also have undercoat, because you comb both layers of hair with it, this dog comb is also known as moulting comb, because it is also used when changing coat and removes loose hair.

A good dog comb has rounded teeth so that the combing is pleasant for the dog. The handle of a good dog comb has rubber lamellae so that you can comb for a long time without getting calluses on your hands, especially if you have to get tangles from the coat. In addition, the teeth of a good dog comb should always be coated with a slide coating so that the hair does not break when combing, therefore a good dog comb can be used for both dry and wet hair.

For cutting with the dog scissors you use a dog comb without handle to achieve a nice straight cut. Preferably the dog comb should have a coarse toothed and a fine toothed side, but this dog comb should also have rubber lamellae on the upper edge if you use the dog comb professionally, so that you can work with the dog comb without pain.

All GogiPet® dog combs are tested for these properties by leading dog hairdressers and are used in numerous dog salons in Europe.

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