Melisepthol Foam Pure rapid disinfection for grooming tables

Aesculap Meliseptol foam pure trim tables. Of course the hygiene and disinfection is important in the pet grooming. The Aesculap Melisepto foam pure from the Switzerland for groomer is ideal for smaller areas such as grooming tables, hair dryer boxes,...

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Meliseptol® Foam pure Fast-acting disinfection for groomingtables.

Aesculap Meliseptol Foam Pure.

Important in pet grooming is ofcourse hygiene and disinfection. The Aesculap Melisepto Pure Foam is specially designed for smaller spaces such as grooming tables, kenneldryer, massage tables, etc. The Aesculap disinfectant foam from Switzerland is particularly surprising, spray on leave for a minute and wipe off.


  • Ready-to-use surface disinfection of alcohol sensitive surfaces
  • Based on n-propanol and quaternary ammonium compound
  • Active against bacteria, mycobacteria (M. terrae), fungi, viruses (HIV / HBV / HCV), Adeno- , Noro-, Polyoma-, Rota- and Vaccinia virus
  • Innovative aerosol-free foam spray head
  • Active undiluted in 1 minute
  • Aldehyde- and alkylamin-free
  • Excellent material compatibility with alcohol sensitive materials e.g. ultrasound probes, space infusion pumps, Dialog+ Haemodialysis machines, artificial leather etc.

750 ml


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