Balm and de-matting spray by Bubbles & Nature
Depilation spray and spray balm for dogs and cats with silky effects. This unique balm and detangle spray with silk proteins leaves hair soft and shiny as silk. Disentangle dog care products without animal testing.
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Disentangle spray for dogs and cats by Bubbles & Nature.

Detangle spray and spray balm for dogs and cats with silky effect.

This unique balm and detangling spray with silk proteins softens the hair and makes it shiny like silk, easy to use thanks to the spray bottle.

Use the Bubbles & Nature disentangle spray also between the bath and brush a little spray balm into the dry coat, if you do it regular the tangles will not come back.

Properties of the Bubbles & Nature dog balm and detangle spray:

  • Silk proteins UV protection, gloss gives, moisturizing, nourishing, anti aging effect, promoting elasticity

Bubbles & Nature detangle spray is a fine combing through spray which also has a disentangle function.

You are also welcome to visit us in our Pet Grooming, we will advise you about our dog toiletries. You can use the disentangle spray also as a lotion with a caring function. If you find a felting in the coat, you can directly spray on the felting area wait 2 minutes and start to detangle.
Content 150 ml

Disentangle spray for the following breeds:

The Bubbles & Nature disentangle spray and spray balm is suitable for the following breeds:

  • long-haired dog breeds
  • long-haired cat breeds

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The Bubbles & Nature dog care products sold by Onlinezoo were produced without animal testing.

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