Metro Air Force® commander® variable speed dryer
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Air Force® Commander® AFTD III - variable speed. Cut your drying time in half with the Metro Air Force Commander. Blower with variable speed and max. 3681 l per minute. Metro Airforce Commander dog dryer. You want more out of your dryer than just a lot of hot air.
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Air Force® Commander® AFTD III V - variable speed.

Cut your drying time in half with the Metro Air Force Commander AFTD-3V blower with 2 speed and 3681 l per minute.
Model AFTD variable speed blower includes: 6-ft. flexible hose with air flow control, air flare, grooming rake and air concentrator.

Metro Air Force Commander dog dryer.

You want more out of your dryer than just a lot of hot air. You want a dryer that saves you time, saves you work and leaves your dogs looking beautiful. That's the "grooming advantage" Metro® Air Force® Commanders® give you. No other compact dryer combines such features as air flow control, air concentrator, air flare tool, a groomer rake and much more. That's why Metro® Air Force® Commanders® actually cut drying time by two thirds. You could, in fact buy a more expensive dryer but it wouldn't give you the grooming advantage. Because 60 years of Metro design and manufacturing experience give you high performance without high prices. So give yourself the "grooming advantage", for about half of what you would expect to pay for dryers of this quality. Metro® Air Force® Commander® is a powerful floor/table dryer with two-speed performance, allowing you to groom large or small breeds with one dryer.

2-speed Metro Commander.

This lightweight dryer is so powerful you will forget it's portable. Features include an easy change filter and dual mounted legs that allow the Commander® to be used vertically or horizontally. You can groom more dogs in less time ... make more money. You'll particularly like the job it does on heavy coated breeds. The Commander® dries their hair without drying their coats. It's ideal for the professional in the shop or on house calls.

Metro Pet Blower

Once you use an Air Force® Commander® you'll say, "How did I ever get by without it." Optional Cage Dryer Kit includes: 2 handle holders, 2 1/2 x 3" cage attachment w/ "S" hooks.

Technical and details to the Metro Air Force Commander AFTD-3V.

  • Powerful and lightweight. Great for your shop or mobile use.
  • Its variable speed performance allows you to groom large or small breeds with one dryer.
  • The Variable Speed
  • 14,000-28,000 FPM
  • 11.5 AMPS
  • 4.0 HP Motor variable Speed
  • Orange metal housing
  • Perfect for the dog hairdresser and for pet owners
  • Ideal for long and short hair and powerful enough to dry breeds with dense coats
  • No other compact dog dryer combines all these features
  • Powerful floor or table dryer and yet light and portable
  • Due to the double mounted legs the Metro Commander® dog dryer can be used vertically or horizontally
  • The Metro Air Force® Commander® reduces drying time by two thirds and dries dog hairs to dry out
  • High performance pet dryer with 4 PS 1350 Watt model AFTD 3
  • High Speed 3681 litres / minute
  • Low Speed 1841 litres / minute
  • Approx. 190 cm long flexible hose with 3 different attachment nozzles
  • Replaceable hair filter
  • Very small, handy device (approx. 26 cm long, Ø approx. 16 cm) with 4 kg
  • The extremely powerful air performance of the dog hair dryer enables you to dry the animal's coat in a short time. With the strong air pressure you can literally blow the wetness out of the coat
  • Especially suitable for all long-haired breeds, where the drying process normally takes quite a long time
  • Robust metal housing
  • Over 75 years of experience METRO
  • Approx. 56 litres per second
  • Double ball bearing
  • Aluminium collector
  • Aluminium bearing of the blower
  • Two-stage fan wheel
  • 240 volts

Air Force® Commander®

AFTD-3V 220 V


Sturdy All Steel


4.0 HP Motor 2-Speed




2 Speeds: High (130/28,000 CFM/FPM), Low (65/14,000 CFM/FPM)


Three Conductor, Grounded


Compact 12"x7"x7"


8 lbs.


6 ft. flexible with air control


Easy Change Filter


Groomer Rake, Air Flare & Concentrator

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Metro pet dryers with over 75 years’ experience.

Metro is the world's leading pet dryer manufacturer in the dog and pet grooming industry and has been the first choice for professional pet care for over 30 years. With over 75 years of experience, Metro dog dryers are safe and the fastest way to dry your pet. Dogs, horses and cats are very sensitive to the volume of the air stream (not audible to us). Most manufacturers advertise that their pet dryers are quiet, but this is not as relevant to pet care as the airflow noise, so dogs like to run after the lawn mower but panic as soon as the dust cleaner starts. Metro is once again the first choice, as Metro has been working on this issue since 1939 and uses the highest quality components available in the domestic and international markets for its pet dryers. Metro primarily produces pet dryers for professional dog groomers, but is also becoming increasingly popular with demanding home users. Metro pet dryers are therefore the most sold brand pet dryers in the world.

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