Secure Internetshopping

Secure Internetshopping

On this way you can shop securely online.
Shopping on the Internet can be dangerous as you certainly know from the media, there is unfortunately no central place where reputable Internet stores are listed, and the numerous Internet certificates are easy to forge, so we completely renounce a trust certification. How can you be sure that a company is real and whether it is reputable.

Check us at the European Commission
A company within the EU, you can check easily with the VAT number, you just need the VAT of the business (from impressum) and an Internet browser, we also do this, for example at a  reseller, in this case we even have to do this by law.
Try it right now with our VAT number it is (AT) U63741829
Open the following link:
Choose the Member State: AT- Austria
Choose VAT Nummer enter our number U63741829
The last boxes you can ignore.
You will see this:
VAT Validation Response
Yes, valid VAT number

VAT number AT U63741829
Member State AT

Name Schneider Peter e.U.

Address Witzelsbergergasse 20/11
A-1150 Wien

Consultation Number

if you see this:

No, invalid VAT number (please refer to FAQ, questions 7, 11, 12, 13 and 20 for more information)
you put the number wrong or the company does not exist.

Check us out at the Chamber of CommerceFimenüberprüfung bei der Wirtschaftskammer
You can also check an Austrian company at the Chamber of Commerce with the company register number which is 300784f as shown in the imprint.
Hier ist unser registration link at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Onlinezoo is also a member of the Austrian Trade Association.

Österreichsicher Handelsverband

We do not use an Onlinezoo certificate from any trust shops, the problem with all the quality seals is that there is no uniform system, the certificates are sometimes very expensive, but still no one comes and really checks the company, we have had contact with many such quality seal companies and simply paid money for it, no one has ever checked us. Therefore, we consider these seals to be more of a rip-off than security. Basically, anyone can apply for such an online shop certificate or simply forge it. A check at the EU authority and the tax office, on the other hand, cannot be faked.