PayPal Refunded Returns

If you would like to send a product back, please bring it to the post and pay for the shippment. (Standard parcle).

If you have finished the payment of your order with PayPal. This means that you can have your shipping costs reimbursed by PayPal. More information about this advantage and other PayPal advantages can be found here:

When you purchase a product and pay with Paypal, they provide you with a compensation for potential return shippingcosts. This is an additional PayPal service to promote their payment method and has nothing to do with our webshop. For this reason, we believe that if you inform with PayPal, they can be of better assistance to you. You can activate this service using the following link:

If you have activated the service, if your transaction is eligible and if your application has been approved, the shipping costs will be refunded. First, log into your PayPal account, click on "Submit a refund request" at the transaction of the item you've returned and follow the instructions. Then, after approval, your refund will be in your PayPal account within five business days.