Dog shampoo and balm all in 1 - by Bubbles & Nature
Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo and dog balm with seaweed and linseed. Shampoo and conditioner in one product, with the added algae are particularly strengthened the hair of your dog. dog shampoo and balm without animal testing.
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Dog shampoo and dog balm 'All in one'.

Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo and dog balm with sea algae and flax seed.

Shampoo and conditioner in on product, with added seaweed, the hair of your dog get detangled, strengthened and beautiful shiny.

Whith the Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo and dog balm all in one, your dog will enjoy the bathing and also combing your favorite will no longer be the agony, it is very mild and does not burn in the eyes. 

Properties of the Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo and balm:

  • Seaweed - antiaging effect entfilzend, wrinkle relieving, gives shine
  • Flaxseed - nourishes, protects against parasites and allergies

Dog shampoo ond dog balm '"All in one".

The dog shampoo is concentrated 10X and can therefore be used particularly economical.

You are also welcome to visit us in our Pet Grooming, we will advise you about our dog toiletries. Dog Wellness and bathing pleasure with Bubbles & Nature is very inexpensive 250ml correspond to 2.5 liters of regular dog shampoo.

Dosage of our dog shampoos and cat shampoos

Dog shampoo for the following breeds:

This dog shampoo with balm is suitable for the following breeds:

  • Bearded Collie
  • Bobtail Bolonka Zwetna
  • Breeds with less volume

Onlinezoo dog shampoo special price

Bubbles & Nature dog shampoo and dog balm online extra low

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The Bubbles & Nature dog shampoos sold by Onlinezoo were produced without animal testing.

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