GogiPet Elite Japanese Steel Single Thinning Scissors 16 cm 6”
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GogiPet® Elite Japanese steel single thinning scissor with 16 cm 6 inch. One-sided special alloy - thinning scissors 440C with 30 teeth. Now inclusive scissor case, scissor oil and cleaning oil. Pet scissors level 1.

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GogiPet® Japan steel single thinning scissors 6 ' 16 cm.

GogiPet® special alloy steel thinning scissor with 16 cm 6 inch with W cut.

One-sided dog thinning shear 440C steel - with approx. 16 cm, straight, stainless and 30 teeth.
Now inclusive shears case and scissor cleaning cloth in the value of 25.90 euros free of charge!

GogiPet is a manufacturer specializing in pet scissors as well as hairdressing scissors. The high quality stainless steel made by Japanese Aichi Steel Corp. contains chrome up to 16-18%. The scissor is made of special alloy steel 440C, via the heat treatment and ice-tempered treatment. Therefore, the scissors keep permanent sharp edges. Furthermore, the design of the GogiPet® scissor is according with somatology. The especially ergonomic dog scissor from Japanese Aichi steel in the best quality for the favourable price.

Dog scissors made of high-quality Japan 440C cobalt stainless steel are very hard and impress with their very long service life.

Features of the GogiPet® Japanese steel thinning scissors:

  • Very high quality dog scissors specially developed for intensive use
  • 440C Japanese steel dog scissors for extra long life
  • 30 teeth in W shape to prevent the hair from slipping off the edge
  • Extremely smoothly working hair scissors
  • Silent operation
  • Very ergonomic for long, fatigue-free working
  • Rubber stopper
  • Plastic rings in the eyes of the scissors so that even narrow fingers have a good grip
  • Straight version
  • Hand polished, matt surface
  • Specially developed for coarser fur
  • Approx. 16 cm long
  • Approx. 7 cm cutting length
  • Highly technical in ergonomic design for professional and comfortable work
  • Tool-free readjustment with adjusting screw (only minimal twisting max. 2 clicks)
  • GogiPet scissors case included
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Stainless steel
  • Brand dog scissors at an unbeatable price
  • Developed with leading dog hairdressers
  • Wide extra comfortable finger hook
  • Specially developed for dog groomers
  • Can be sanded several times

GogiPet® Japanese steel thinning scissors where every tooth also cuts.

Onlinezoo is the specialist for pet groomer needs the Japan steel scissors including rubber finger inserts that the finger from the groomer does not slip through.

Special alloy steel 440C steel dog thinning scissors 16 cm

Dog Groomer Vienna - hair scissors advice:

Only cut hair with hair scissors and always keep your scissors in a case, because if you fall, your scissors will quickly be ruined and usually need expensive repairs.
Clean the blades and the passage of your GogiPet® dog scissors daily from hair residue with a scissor cleaning cloth.
After cleaning, oil the gear area and blade edge daily to achieve optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil. Please read also the Onlinezoo scissor care tips.

These dog scissors are level 1.
Levels of dog scissors
Level 1: Elite Japanese steel hair scissors manufactured to the highest possible standard.
Level 2: Japanese steel hair scissors made to an extremely high standard.
Level 3: High quality Japanese steel dog scissors in good design for regular use.
Level 4: Hairdressing scissors made of mild steel for occasional use.
Level 5: Scissors for very small applications and exercise scissors
  Further information on the classes can be found here

What else you should know about these dog shears.

Each pair of GogiPet® dog scissors has been individually handmade, checked and tested on artificial hair in order to exclude any defects. With the GogiPet® dog scissors you get a precision product which was developed for the professional use of dog groomers. Due to the excellent price-performance ratio of the GogiPet dog scissors of class 1. these scissors are also often bought by breeders and dog lovers who would like to make their own styling of their dog. GogiPet class 1 dog scissors are characterised by the high quality workmanship and durable sharpness of the blades due to the 440C Japanese steel. GogiPet uses only the best steel for its dog scissors, just as it is used for high-quality pocket knives. Softer steels are used in the industrial production of hair scissors in factories, as the scissor halves are punched out with the help of dies made of steel plate. The special steel 440C used by GogiPet® is much too hard and expensive for this purpose, so many scissor manufacturers use a very non-specific designation for the steel to disguise inferior quality. When buying a good pair of dog scissors you should always look for an embossing with 440C or Japanese Stainless Steel, if this is missing you can assume that it is a cheap steel like 440A or 440B which easily leads to wear. Even class 3 dog scissors from GogiPet have this quality mark. Class 1 and 2 dog scissors are even smoother running and optically more finely finished than those of class 3, but this is basically a matter of taste and feeling. Please note, however, that only you and no other person works with the dog scissors. After a few applications, the precision tool will adapt perfectly to your hand and should only be used by this person afterwards in order not to obtain a different quality of cut. GogiPet® dog scissors are often copied cheaply with a similar appearance but differ significantly in quality, so always look for the GogiPet embossing to get genuine precision dog scissors.

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