Stabilo Single Fixation Bar - Grooming Arm - Control post
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Grooming arm suitable for the Stabilo Compact Tables. The grooming table control post includes one fixation hook. If you also want to fix the dog on the belly you can order an extra hook for Stabilo grooming arms.

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Single grooming arm suitable for the Stabilo Tables.

Single control post for Stabilo grooming tables.

The Stabilo grooming table gallows includes a hook for a front loop. Two additional holes are already included so that you can upgrade with a 2nd or even 3 hooks for a back loop if desired. If you mount several hooks, you can use the grooming arm optimally for all dog sizes without having to loosen the screws. For older dogs that can no longer stand upright, it is recommended to use the Table Noose Set where you can support the dog on both the belly and neck. This will make it easier for the dog to stand for a longer period of time without any problems and you can work on the dog more easily.

Singe Stabilo grooming arm special price

Why we recommend buying a Stabilo grooming table.

After more than 20 years of experience as an active dog groomer and trainer of the international dog grooming school, we definitely recommend buying a Stabilo grooming table for the dog grooming salon.
In practice, we have of course had to deal with numerous electric grooming tables, but nobody can hold a candle to a Stabilo grooming table. There are no grooming tables on the market with a better price-performance ratio. Our first Stabilo grooming tables, which we bought about 20 years ago, are still in use and working perfectly as new. All the other electric grooming tables we have used in the last years had to be replaced or at least repaired.
Stabilo grooming tables have been manufactured in the Netherlands for over 60 years using the latest technology and a wealth of experience. With a Stabilo grooming table you will promote jobs in the EU and you can be sure to get the perfect grooming table that will accompany you in your job for many years.

Since the early 1970s Stabilo has enriched the entire European market and the professional dog grooming industry would be unthinkable without it. In the 1990s, basic techniques were modernised and also upgraded with new computerised machines. Since the 2000's Stabilo production is in the 3rd generation and has been successfully led into the new millennium by brothers Daan and Bas. Onlinezoo and Stabilo have for many years been connected not only on a business but also on a friendship basis and perfectly match the practice in the dog grooming salon with the latest production possibilities. Each grooming table for Onlinezoo is individually manufactured and individually tested because we only want the best for you.

When you buy a Stabilo grooming table from Onlinezoo you are always up to date with the latest technology.


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