Vivog small slicker brush - small dog brush
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Vivog small Slicker Brush - Soft Slicker Brush Vivog small. For small dogs and cats. Features stainless steel, rounded longer and shorter wire pins for ...

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Small Slicker Brush.

Vivog Slicker brush small - soft slicker brush Vivog small.
For small dogs and cats.


  • Ergonomic non-slip handle.
  • Specially designed for small dogs and cats
  • Rust-resistant, rigid, long and short pins for deep brushing.
  • Detangles and removes dead hairs
  • Stimulates the skin and encourages the regrowth of healthy hair.
  • Semi-rigid rust resistant pins set on an air cushion to optimise brushing
  • Do not use on “corded” fur.

Indications for use:

  • On long fur. To facilitate brushing, evenly spray the coat with conditioner beforehand. Then, gently and slowly brush concentrating on the body and tail.
  • On wire haired dogs (Terriers and Schnauzers). Brush energetically to stimulate the skin and remove dead hairs. Then brush against the direction of hair growth to remove knots.
  • On curly fur (poodles). Gentle brushing more often is recommended to prevent the rapid formation of mats.

Dog Hairdresser Vienna Tip:
At Long coat:
For easier brushing, spray before a little of Bubbles & Nature balm and de-matting spray on the coat or on the brush, then brush the fur slowly and carefully.
Wire hair dogs (terriers and schnauzers).
Brush to stimulate the skin and to remove dead hair in the growth direction, then brush against the direction of hair growth to remove nodes and tangles.
At voluminous curly fur (Poodle).
Brush frequently but gently to avoid the formation of mats if your dog or cat tends to tangles use also the Bubbles & Nature balm and de-matting spray.
Try by brushing to brush the hair 90 degrees from the body to get as much volume.

Slicker Brush for dogs special price

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