UV sterilizer blue by Vivog

Vivog sterilizer sterilizer ight blue - VES020B for grooming accessories -25% special offer at Onlinezoo. The professional UV sterilizer of Vivog is both a tabletop sterilizer as well as wall ...

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Vivog UV sterilizer blue.

Vivog sterilizer light blue - UV sterilizer VES020B groomer needs.

The professional UV sterilizer of Vivog is suitable both as a tabletop sterilizer as well as wall sterilizer.

The sterilizer with ultraviolet rays is germicidal and essential for every dog salon due to the latest hygiene regulations. The sterilization woks out cold, caused by UV rays with short waves. These rays have a high germicidal action and destroy in a very short time bacilli, bacteria, spores, molds, and each microorganism, directly or by reflex. The germicidal effect is instantaneous:
5 minutes radiotherapy rich and your tools are ready for use again.

Dimensions of Vivog sterilizer B 40 cm H 21 cm D 26 cm

  • Counter-top
  • Wall-mounted
  • high germicidal effect
  • destroyed bacilli
  • destroys bacteria
  • destroys spores
  • destroys mold
  • and micro-organism directly or by reflex
  • easy to use
  • Automatically switches off when the lid is opened in order to avoid eye damage
  • 220 V
  • Colour light blue with transparent - blue lid

Vivog Sterilier special online price.

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UV sterilizer by Vivog grey

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